Equipping Believers To Rise Up And Fulfill Their God-Given Destiny! 

  • THE UNSEEN WORLD- The Devil Listen

    Pastor Matt Knoll - February 02, 2020

    Lucifer was Heaven's worship leader, appointed by God, until pride filled his heart and he was banished to the earth. He has now become our greatest adversary, the "father of lies", who still poses as an angel of light. 
  • Fully Loved And Known By God Listen

    Pastor Matt Knoll - July 25, 2019

    God is aware of your situation and He loves you with an everlasting love! You can trust Him!
  • VICTORY! Listen

    Pastor Matt Knoll - April 07, 2019

    As believers in Christ, we have the victory over sin and the devil right now in our walk with God in this world. We must fight the good fight of faith and stand our ground. David experienced victory after victory through faith in the God who called and equipped him to be king!

    Pastor Matt Knoll - January 01, 1900

    As a boxer trains to prepare for a fight. We Christian's must train in prayer & the Word of God for our spiritual fight. We must know how our opponent fights, so we can have victory! A powerful message on spiritual warfare!
  • The Mystery of Prayer Listen

    Pastor Matt Knoll - January 01, 1900

    Prayer is an amazing vehicle that the God of the universe has given to His people to communicate with Him at any time, for any reason. What  a supernatural force that is at our disposal to intercede for the welfare of others and to hold intimate conversation with our Heavenly Father!
  • The Fork in the Road Listen

    Pastor Matt Knoll - January 01, 1900

    Every Christian comes to a place and a time in their life called "the fork in the road" where they are faced with a major decision that has more than one choice. For the believer, the only option is God's will and not their own. It is there that we must learn to wait upon the Lord for His divine direction.
  • Remember Your People, O God! Listen

    Pastor Matt Knoll - January 01, 1900

    Noah and his family spent an entire year locked up in the ark, with death and destruction all around them. But God remembered His unfailing covenant with His righteous servant who found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

    Pastor Matt Knoll - January 01, 1900

    God's Word is the only truth that sets people free from the deception of Satan, the "father of lies". In a world of lies, truth prevails and protects from the enemy's strongholds of deceit!
  • REST! Listen

    Pastor Matt Knoll - January 01, 1900

    Life gets busy as Christians, serving God, raising a family, going to work, shopping, housework, friends, and the list goes on. When life becomes weary and we feel we can't go another day, Jesus invites us to come to Him to find...His rest!