Equipping Believers To Rise Up And Fulfill Their God-Given Destiny! 

The Lord gave Cindy Knoll this powerful, prophetic word for 2023 for the Body of Christ. This is our church’s theme for this new year. Receive it in faith and expectation!
“You have not given me into the hands of the enemy but have set my feet in a spacious place.” Psalm 31:8
“He brought me out into the open; He rescued me because He delighted in me.”2 Samuel 22:20
“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31. These are the words that have been stirring in my spirit the last few weeks. I believe that God is bringing us to a new level in this next season. New levels mean greater faith! We need to have a greater faith and surrender in what God is doing. God is expanding our territory right now.  In times of war before territory is taken there is a battle for the ground, area and claiming of who’s it is. This last year, the battle many have experienced in their homes, health, relationships and churches is a battle for territory and a claiming of ground. God has been wanting us to trust the process and to hold our ground through these times. I hear God saying, “Make your claim and hold your ground. Choose this day who you will serve.” Your home is the Lord’s. Your children are blessed, called and highly favoured of the Lord. Your marriage is thriving and shaping the way others see family. It’s breaking generational curses in your home and bringing forth a new line for your children, a new legacy! Your life emulates Christ to the people around you. God is bringing you new relationships and connections for a divine purpose in this next season! God is in the process of expansion and promotion and the enemy has been trying to kill legacy and generational blessing.
God is saying to you right now, “Do not look at your present circumstances and decide that is your fate. Look up and look beyond. Look to Me, the God of the impossible and the God of victory. I have not left you. I have delighted in you and your immovable faith. I delight in your family. I have nothing but the best intended for them. I have set your feet in a wide space! The ground you are stepping onto is ground full of favour and fruit! You will see the fruit of your labour gush forth like a mighty wave. Like a tsunami wave coming in, it will overtake the enemy quickly and all that he has tried to do in your life. It will drown his plans and clear your new area from debris of battle. You are in a season of expansion and fulfillment. “
Romans 5:8 is ringing out in this season! “But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” God is not waiting for you to have everything all together and be perfect. And He is wanting us to look at others in the same way! Are we waiting for our loved ones to get their act together before we accept them? Or will we choose to love them right where they are? The love of Christ is shown that while we were imperfect and sinful, God came and rescued us, laying down His life.
God is calling His people out this next year. Out of slumber, Out of selfishness, Out of the familiar, Out of weakness, Out of Defeat and Out of Limbo! We have a choice we need to make. God needs us to be “All in” for what is ahead. The Israelites couldn’t have one foot in the Red Sea and one foot back in Egypt. They needed to choose to go forward. We need to choose and surrender to the fact that His ways are better than our own. Maybe what you were doing in the last season wasn’t working. God wants to come in and help. He wants to show you a better way. He wants to break confusion and move you forward. He wants to bring life and healing to situations that feel too far gone or not right. He is a God of restoration and new life. He can make right in your life what is wrong. God is not willing to sit on the sidelines of your life in this next season. He is wanting to partner with us in EVERY area! There is too much at stake to try and move into the future on our own.
We need to be “ALL IN” to God’s ways and His plans. He has specific strategies for your life and family. He has the blueprints ready. Are you ready to build with Him? Are we ready to sacrifice and do hard things that will end in a great harvest of souls? Seeing people delivered and set free. There is a lot at stake. God wants to partner up. Are we ready? It’s going to be marvellous and it’s going to leave us in awe and wonder but we need to let go. We need to stop striving in our own strength and let the King of Glory come in. Come into our homes, Come into our churches, Come into our relationships. He wants to Come in. He wants to save and bless your family but are you willing to do it His way? Choose this day whom you will serve.
“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:2