Equipping Believers To Rise Up And Fulfill Their God-Given Destiny! 

What Revival Prayer Ministries Can Do For Your Church or Ministry

The mandate of Revival Prayer Ministries is to see the Body of Christ rise up in this generation to be people who pray, by assisting pastors and leaders in building a strong foundation of prayer in the various ministries of their church and outreach to the city. RPM is built around four basic teaching courses for your church or ministry group. These four courses are:

2. PRAYER #101


This is a three session seminar that brings an understanding of the place and power of a daily, devotional prayer life for young people as leaders, role models and powerful servants of God impacting their generation!
Dimension #1- "ME" "Am I a leader?" 
Dimension #2- "YOU" "Am I a role model?" 
Dimension #3- "GOD" "Am I a friend of God?"



Beginning at ‘Square One’, this basic course introduces an exciting, brand new relationship of one on one communion with God for the new disciple in Christ! (This seminar is also effective as a "refresher course" for all believers)
1. What Is Prayer?
 2. Why Should I Pray?
3. What Should I Pray For?
4. How Long Should I Pray?


Pastor Mike & Julie share God's Word and their personal experiences that have enriched their marriage and have kept them walking in their destiny of ministry for 40 years. Whether you're newly married or have been at it for years, every marriage can use a reviving from the Holy Spirit!
*“Ten Issues That Cause Couples To Split." 
*“What Does It Mean For A Wife To ‘Submit To Her Husband’?” 
*“God doesn’t really expect a wife to obey her husband, does He? 
*“How Is A Husband To Love His Wife?” 
*“Isn’t saying, ‘I love you’ or taking her out to dinner on her birthday enough?” 
*“What Happens When The “Fire” Goes Out?”
*“Is separation or divorce ever an option for Christians?”
*“Rediscovering Biblical Marriage Roles In A Society that Has Rejected God’s Divine Order For The Family.”
*“A Look At The Proverbs 31 Woman!”
*“Who manages the money?”
*“Are men still the bread-winner?”
*“Are women to stay at home?”
*“Who makes the big decisions?”
*“Who disciplines the kids?”
*“Can a wife pursue a career?”

*“Questions & Answers”
*“Worship & Reflection” 
*“Couples Prayer & Renewing of Vows”


Session #1. Rekindling The Passion
Realize the one thing that matters to God more than anything else you will ever do for Him. Become completely free from “performance” praying and back into “passion” prayer! Discover the one most effective way to develop passionate prayer!
Session #2. The Secret Place
Learn the four principles of the Secret Place blessing! Understand the four dynamics of powerful prayer by examining Christ’s prayer life with His Father.
 Session #3. Praying Through Adversity
Recognize the five reasons behind God’s purpose in our times of adversity. How to overcome the one hurdle that causes us to give up in our struggle with adversity. Discover the No. #1 way to conquer adversity and walk in continuous victory!
Session #4. Revival Prayer
Recognize the four “vital signs” of a church desperately in need of a revival. Discern the one essential condition required for every genuine revival. A look at four simple questions we need to honestly ask ourselves concerning revival today.
Session #5. The Weapons Of Our Warfare
Understand what the Bible teaches concerning the Christian's warfare with the devil and his demons. Discover your God-given authority in Christ over all the works of the enemy. Three things you need to know in spiritual warfare- your objective, your enemy and your weaponry.
Session #6. The Power Of Fasting
Coming to grips with the truth that fasting is an obligation and not an option for the Christian. Understand the vital place of fasting in order to go even deeper in your prayer life. Learn the four kinds of fasting in the Bible and the spiritual power connected to them.
Session #7. The Lost Art Of Meditation
Know the difference between “Christian” and “New Age” meditation. How to discern the “right voice” “from the “wrong voice” in meditation. Discover the three things that biblical meditation will bring into your spiritual life.
Session #8. The Practicality Of Prayer
Understand the purpose, power and pattern of the church prayer meeting. Learn ten practical pointers for going deeper in personal prayer. Learn ten practical pointers for going deeper in corporate prayer.

 RPM also provides church and ministry assistance in the following areas:

1. Prayer Breakfasts

There’s something uplifting about believers gathering together on a Saturday morning over breakfast, enjoying one another’s fellowship, followed by a time of ministry in prayer. This event forms a strong bond of mutual support between brothers and sisters in Christ.

2. Sunday Pulpit Ministry

Rev. Mike Knoll has been an ordained minister of the Word of God for over 25 years. He has preached extensively in Canada, as well as India, Guyana and Jamaica, ministering in churches, prisons, conferences, TV and radio. Mike and his wife, Julie, also minister in music.

3. Pastors' Prayer Retreats

As a pastor, Mike knows the constant demands of ministry and the importance of taking time for spiritual and physical refreshing. A Pastors’ Retreat is an enriching occasion to connect with fellow-ministers and regain your vision and passion for your ministry, while revitalizing your first love with the Lord.

4. Forming A Weekly Prayer Meeting

The church prayer meeting is vital to the spiritual and numerical growth of the body. This is one area where the enemy fights hardest, knowing the power and authority of believers coming together in one accord in faith and worship, interceding for the lost and each other. The weekly prayer meeting is foundational for the success and effectiveness of every other ministry in the church.

5. Launching A Body Prayer Event

 This monthly prayer event is designed for your church members and others who are in need of God’s help and direction to receive personal prayer from your pastors, elders and prayer team. Your worship team will lead the participants in anointed songs of praise throughout the night. An effective feature of this event can involve an inspiring testimony given by one of your members who has received an answer to prayer and has been touched by the Lord. The power of the Holy Spirit will be vibrant in this dynamic prayer service for the Body. In His presence is fullness of joy!