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  • Aug19Mon

    Downtown On A Saturday Night

    Daniel Haner August 19, 2019

    “Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?"  Isaiah 58:7

    I have been asked to write a blog; I thought about it for a long time—what will I write about? So I will just start here...my name is Daniel, named after the biblical Daniel. I lived as a gay man for 30 years or so until the Lord set me free. I will revisit this part of my life in a later blog. God has told me I will have a ministry and it has now started. I had my own visions on how this would go—God however had other plans, completely opposite to mine. God's Holy Spirit has gifted me to feel the pain He feels for His lost. I find myself often crying for the lost, the broken, the forgotten, the ones the world has left behind because they were not good enough in the world's eyes. We have no idea sometimes what has happened in someone's life that has led them to give up, to stop trying or to just want to die. 

    So in my little human mind, I would be doing a simple, clean, unmessy ministry. God laughed! He revealed His plans...dirty, messy, challenging and meeting people in their dark places. God led me to my neighbour—we will call him Bob, Bob has a huge heart for people. He was a Christian, but things happened and his faith has been under attack and needs encouragement in the Lord as well. This is the man that will be helping in starting my ministry. Bob took me to the streets of Downtown Kitchener, after dark. This is not at all the downtown I remember of my youth. We started to walk as the sun was setting, a few homeless people and street people, then the light disappeared....out of the darkness came many homeless, teens and adults on drugs, drug dealers, the prostitutes, pimps, the hungry, the poor—all the lost and broken. I walked through all this like I was in a bubble as God took me for a walk in amongst his sheep that had wandered off.

    Then it came to me—these are the people God has chosen for me to help and to lead back into His fold. I felt the pain in the darkness and the realm of evil that covered Downtown. I realized I too was once alone, lost, on drugs, sexually broken and forgotten. Living in the dark until I seen the Light of Jesus shining on me with His hand out... Leading me into the light of His love and truth. So now begins my journey with God into the dark of the streets to shine the Light of Jesus. To show how much God loves us all and we are all part of the body of Christ! God has laid it upon my heart to feed His sheep...I am ready to serve.

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