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  • Pastor Mike shares his personal thoughts on celebrating Christmas.

  • Oct7Mon

    The Other Side Of Halloween!

    October 7, 2019
    Once again, it’s that time of year for cute little goblins, witches and ghosts to come gleefully knocking on your door with bags open ready to receive their “treat”! Harmless fun?
  • Oct1Tue


    October 1, 2019

    So I started to write on being single and the church, then I got busy and had some huge spiritual warfare. So through all this God laid on my heart a new topic. Sunday's message at church confirmed it.

  • Sep4Wed

    When Peace Is Not Possible

    September 4, 2019

    Peace among one another is the golden rule for Christians in order to maintain fellowship as well as a positive witness to the world.

  • Aug19Mon

    Downtown On A Saturday Night

    August 19, 2019

    I have been asked to write a blog; I thought about it for a long time—what will I write about? So I will just start here...my name is Daniel, named after the biblical Daniel. I lived as a gay man for 30 years or so until the Lord set me free.

  • Jul16Tue

    Do You Feel Forgotten By God?

    July 16, 2019 Pastor Mike Knoll
    This morning in my time with the Lord, I was reading in Genesis 40, which is the account of Joseph in prison for a crime he did not commit...
  • Jul14Sun

    Are You Being Pruned?

    July 14, 2019

     Something very noticeable is happening today in the Body of Christ—the painful process of pruning. I am feeling the sharp knife of God doing its precise work in my life, removing areas and attitudes of the flesh that only hinder greater growth. 

    There are plants that appear to be thriving with full, green leaves and little, if...

  •  As we witness prophetic events unfolding daily, we can attest without question, that the Church is in the last of the last days, the final hours before Christ returns for His spotless Bride. If there was ever a time when we, as Christians, need to safeguard our victory in Christ, it is today. The apostle Paul gives us the secret of...

  • Jul3Wed

    The Privilege Of Prayer

    July 3, 2019 Rev. Mike Knoll Sr.

    There’s all kinds of topics to write about on prayer such as the power of prayer—or the perseverance of prayer—or the potential of prayer—but I want to look at the privilege of prayer because it truly is a privilege and one that unfortunately is too often overlooked and neglected. First of all, what do I mean by privilege...