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Welcome to our Blog page. New blogs are uploaded regularly. I trust that as you read each one, they will inspire, encourage and challenge you in your walk with the Lord! Come back every few days to see new posts. God bless you!


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On The Move...Again!
January 6, 2013

Well, it’s time to once again, round up the empty boxes, purchase a few rolls of packing tape and line up some friends. Julie and I are moving...again. I stopped counting a few years ago, but I suspect we are somewhere around number 20. No kidding. Our shortest stay in a home was three months—the longest was six years. That averages approximately 1 ½ years stay per home. Hardly worthwhile unpacking. This one will be the fourth move in the last two years, but at least this one is in the same city—in fact it’s just a few blocks away. Yea! I know people who have lived in the same place all their lives. How do they do it? Why do they do it? Why don’t we do it? I really don’t know the answer to why we’ve changed residences at least twenty times. I do know this—it’s not because we enjoy banging up our furniture and fingers—it’s just been our life! It’s not because we’re restless or hard to please. In fact, we’ve had several homes that we were very content and happy in, but something would come up and that’d be it! On the move...again! This has been the peculiar path that the Lord has taken us on in our 34 years of marriage and we’ve experienced so many new adventures and made so many new friends as a result of the numerous relocations. God has always seemed to keep us somewhere for a season where we would learn new spiritual lessons which would cause us to be stretched in our faith, and then He’d move us on to the next assignment. Of course, with many of the moves came a change in jobs and ministries and churches. I know that He gave me the right wife to be willing and able and happy to live such an unsettled life spanning over three decades. I’m not saying the moves were easy—but we knew that we were in the will of God, just following the leading of the Holy Spirit which always leads to the right place at the right time.


Pretty well from the time we were married, God drilled Matthew 6:33 into Julie and me. “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Although this has been a difficult verse to undertake in our lives, the spiritual application and the accompanying fruit have been absolutely invaluable to us over our years together in ministry and relationship building with others. Although we have made our share of mistakes and judgment errors along the way, I would not trade my spiritual growth achieved over the long haul for anything. I really mean that. Julie and I have paid a heavy price for what we’ve had to learn as ministry servants in God’s Kingdom, but we so appreciate where the Lord has taken us from and where He has brought us to—we are definitely in the right place at the right time. We realize that more and more with each new day and each new prayer. We are always amazed at how God comes through for us in what seems to be the very last second—or what some call “the midnight hour”.

I confess that I still wrestle with thoughts of doubt as to how it’s all going to work out, but God gives extra grace in those times of testing and He makes the way for us before our very eyes! What an experience—and we don’t always enjoy it! Sometimes we feel like we’re getting too old for this, but then again, why would we want to stop walking by faith now at this point of the journey? God has always made us “step out” into the very unknown until He would manifest any evidence that this is the right step for us to be taking. Many of our hard decisions have been made in fear and trembling, yet with a peace that this is the right course and regardless of the outcome, God will again, show Himself faithful. He continues after all this time to still bring His “suddenlys” to pass when everything miraculously comes together out of nowhere involving divinely hand-picked people and near-impossible circumstances that only God can pull off in His inexplicable providence –and we find ourselves again in the right place at the right time, going to the next level of our destiny.


Yes, we’re moving...again! We would both really like this to be our last move in this life, but who knows? After all, if we had never stepped into the water when God was leading us to, we’d never have crossed over unto the other side of His blessing! And there’s no greater blessing on earth than to know that you are in His divine will at the right place and in the right time! May you experience in 2013 God’s favour and grace to “make your move”! You won’t regret it!


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