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Welcome to our Blog page. New blogs are uploaded regularly. I trust that as you read each one, they will inspire, encourage and challenge you in your walk with the Lord! Come back every few days to see new posts. God bless you!


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The Fight Is On!
July 4, 2012

I just finished sending a text to a good friend who is a man of prayer and who loves the Lord with a passion like few Christians I know. The text simply said, “Stay strong and fight! We cannot lose with Christ!”. This was his immediate response- “Oh , you've no idea how much I needed to read that encouragement. Satan's been coming around with his stupid bag of worthless 'goods'. Throw up a quick prayer for me will you?”

If you are desperate for God, in love with His Word, determined to serve Him with your whole heart, relentless in your spirit to seek Him, desiring a life of holiness, praying with boldness and authority, then you are a major target of the enemy’s attack! If you are feeling weary and overwhelmed with a deep sense of failure and God seems distant and silent, you can be sure it is a result of your unswerving faith which is a great threat to the devil and his wicked schemes against the Church of Jesus Christ. He knows you’re not a pushover like many of his other trophies who quickly succumbed to his temptations. You are strong—you are faithful—you are mighty in God and you are known in hell! You stand with the apostle Paul who had a reputation in the devil’s camp as a mortal man who never quit—no matter how hard he was hit, he just wouldn’t go down! “Jesus I know and Paul I know...” That was the humiliating testimony of a demoted demon who had been personally confronted and overcome by a man of higher authority than himself. You have the same authority through Christ.

 If you feel like you’ve been singled out by hell, you only need to think of Peter who was a supreme specimen of Satan’s envy. No doubt, the devil had his eye on this mighty man of God for quite some time, studying him, analyzing him and taking note of his strengths and weaknesses. Peter was under the constant surveillance of the devil simply because Peter was one of Christ’s “big guns” that needed to be knocked out of commission before he did irreparable damage to the kingdom of darkness. Satan would have certainly succeeded in wiping him out, permanently sending him back to his fishing boat and his old way of life, had Jesus not prayed for him. That is our comfort and courage in the heat of this “last days” battle with the hordes of hell. Jesus is praying for us in the midst of extreme spiritual warfare. You cannot fail, except you choose to. If you think things couldn’t possibly get any worse than what they are, or if you assume North America will somehow be spared any demonic infiltration, you are wrong. Read the last days prophecies in 1 and 2 Timothy alone and you will recognize the perilous times that are upon us. Then read 2 Peter and Jude and you will be convinced that our nation has not been spared evil’s onslaught.

 Yes, the fight is on, but praise the Lord, we’ve already won! “Stay strong and fight! We cannot lose with Christ!”.


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