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Welcome to our Blog page. New blogs are uploaded regularly. I trust that as you read each one, they will inspire, encourage and challenge you in your walk with the Lord! Come back every few days to see new posts. God bless you!


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The Spirit of Rebellion
May 23, 2012
 We are seeing more and more an increasing nasty spirit of rebellion at full force rising in our streets today. Hundreds and even thousands of defiant marchers and rioters shaking their fists at authority in utter opposition against the laws of our land and the laws of God, intended to bring social peace to our homes and spiritual peace to our hearts. But a law is only as good as its ability to enforce the consequences of breaking that law—and how do you enforce hundreds of angry and emotionally charged students unwittingly caught up in an spirit of rebellion in Montreal who refuse to submit to proper and legal measures enacted to maintain civil order in our cities and nation? Where did this “thing” come from?
The spirit of rebellion and defiance against authority had its conception millennia ago in Heaven where righteous rule sustained peace and blessing to its angelic inhabitants under God’s perfect domain. The time came, however, when Lucifer, Heaven’s magnificent archangel of worship, corrupted by pride, incited a riotous mob of one third of the angels to rebel against their Creator. God dealt with their defiance and sent them down to hell, where they now await the final Judgment and Lake of Fire, prepared for the devil and his demons.  However, the same, unruly spirit lives on in the human heart that is corrupted with sin. Today we see the effect of rebellion that has passed on from generation to generation over thousands of years. Lawlessness is a huge sign of the times signaling the end of the age and the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ to re-establish divine order on earth for a full thousand years. Rebellion, defiance, rioting and lawlessness will be subverted and silenced during this period of Christ’s perfect reign in a still imperfect world where sin is refused expression. He will establish His never ending government of righteousness and peace as He rules men with a rod of iron.
Back to the present—don’t expect things to get better. We will witness more and more rioting and destruction at the hands of defiant mobs, simply because that unrestrained spirit is still powerfully at work. It works in governments, banks, universities, businesses, armies, unions, households and churches. What we view on the daily newscasts is only the fruit of the root of rebellion. A classic example of this spirit working its craft is found in Numbers 16 where Korah and his cohorts blatantly opposed the rightful leadership of Moses and Aaron, who had God-given authority over Israel as their Prophet and Priest. These ingrates were not just looking for a better paying job or a little more recognition—they already were notable men of privilege, power and position among the people. Other men of low degree would have killed for the prominence they enjoyed. But by its very nature, the spirit of rebellion can never be satisfied until it has all and is over all! We see this wicked obsession of entitlement today in North America that demands special treatment without any personal conditions. When Korah and his rebels demanded to be given a share of Moses’ authority, they crossed the line of no return and an angry God opened the ground where they were standing and the earth suddenly swallowed them alive, taking them down to their deserved destruction. The tragic account of Korah serves as a severe warning to the inciters of rebellion today.  Do you suppose it is just coincidence that Sherbrooke Street in Montreal upon which tens of thousands of protesters and police have been contending suddenly developed a large sinkhole? No one was hurt. Is this God’s gentle reminder of a situation thousand of years ago when the spirit of rebellion was at work against ordered authority? Something to think about.

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