"Prayer—The Supreme Labour Of Love”
  "No matter if you're talking about revival, healing, spirit
empowerment, spiritual growth, church growth, or a closer walk
with Christ there is one fundamental gift that the church has that
reaches each and every area of the Christian life...prayer. Pastor
Mike Knoll leads us on the journey to realizing the power, and
necessity of prayer, and for those who pick up the torch and
earnestly pursue a transformed life through prayer it is absolutely
the Supreme Labour of Love."
Greg Holmes
Author and founder of Revival Nation Evangelistic Ministries

"Rev. Mike Knoll's dissertation on prayer is no mere verbiage
of this spiritual discipline. From a convicted and convinced heart, he
brings to us the fruits of the experiential unfolding of a life called
and given over to prayer, a life on the ascendancy in the midst of an
anemic and chronic spiritual state in the Body of Christ--
Clyde Hamilton
Author/ song-writer

 “I know this man, and I know he prays, thus he is qualified.
This book will change your life as much as you will let it. It can also
be "just another book". I pray that you have bought it because God
is "drawing" you to pray, as He has this man. I appreciate Rev. Mike
Knoll for the praying man he is, and I trust you will read it and be
blessed and be a blessing.”

Rev. Clifford G. Paul
President: Cross Canada Ministries Inc.