It has been almost a year that I had the privilege of meeting Rev. Mike Knoll. As pastor of a smaller church, our leaders were looking for someone to help guide us through rejuvenating our churches passion for prayer. From our first meeting it was evident that Pastor Mike had a passionate, biblically based approach to prayer. Pastor Mike guided our church through a review of our current involvement in prayer, trained our people in biblical prayer through his “Growing Deeper in Prayer” series and has walked our leadership through further developing our prayer effectiveness. Pastor Mike and his wife Julie quickly became friends and our church enjoyed the time that we have spent together over the last number of months.Thank you Pastor Mike and Julie for investing in us as a church. We are grateful for your passion for prayer and your servants heart, we trust that the time you have spent with us will have kingdom significance.

 Pastor Mark Nowell
Senior Pastor
King Bible Church, King City ON

I have known Pastor Mike and worked with him for over 30 years. He is a man of high integrity and has a solid Christian Bible based faith. He and his wife Julie work together in ministry, have a good home life and both of their sons are married and also involved in Christian Ministry.
In the years that I have know them they have been involved in various aspects of God’s work. Such things as ministering in nursing homes, traveling on world mission trips, and preaching in various churches. Mike and Julie also have a beautiful ministry in song together. As a couple they do prayer conferences and marriage seminars. They founded and Pastored Orillia Life Centre for a period of six years. During that time they were able to reach out to many of the less fortunate people of that area. Some of those people having no jobs and living on the streets.

Currently Mike is ministering through Revival Prayer Ministries. The Lord laid it on his heart that revival would come to the nation through prayer and ministry of the word. He is also preaching at our assembly, World Outreach Ministries on a regular basis. I highly recommend Pastor Mike to minister in any church or conference. He preaches with love, power and conviction and has a good understanding of God’s word and is able to reach the various age levels of our generation.

Pastor Dale Hoch
World Outreach Ministries

I thank God for Rev. Mike Knoll and his prayer ministry. There have been several times in my own life since having had the privilege of knowing Rev Mike and his family these last 8 years, that the Lord has used his life to minister to me with timely prayers and words from the Lord, giving peace, direction and even healing during difficult times. I have seen a faithfulness and steadfastness upon this powerful man of God. The prayers of the righteous avail much, and this is displayed in his ministry. What you see in his public ministry is the overflow of authentic personal devotion to the Lord. The body of Christ is blessed to have and will benefit greatly through the ministry of Rev Mike Knoll.

Stephanie Israelson
CMA Recording Artist

“I have known Rev. Mike Knoll for seven years and have profited personally from our fellowship. We brought Pastor Mike on staff at our church to help us rebuild and reinvigorate our prayer ministry. His passion for prayer and his hunger for the presence of God helped us move from one weekly prayer meeting to nine and helped create a culture of prayerfulness that continues still. We too often assume that because prayer is personal and because prayer is Spiritual (Romans 8:14-15) that we needn’t teach, plan or work at stirring it up in our churches – we assume it will just happen. It doesn’t. Neglecting this means of grace and sanctification can rob a church of power and presence and leave it floundering in the flesh. Pastor Mike was a gift from God at the right time in the life of our church and we would be happy to commend his ministry to you. May God alone be glorified.”

Pastor Paul Carter
First Baptist Church
Orillia, Ontario

"The Youth "3D Prayer" seminar we held on Saturday March 24th was a huge success. There were 40 people in attendance and God used Pastor Mike in a powerful way. I am certain that we as a church will see the effects of a powerful praying youth. Worship was also amazing as the Impact worship band played their hearts out in worship to the Lord. I believe that everyone had a great time together and God was magnified throughout the day. Thanks so much for your support of our youth."

Pastor Jon Welch
Youth Pastor,
First Baptist Church,
Orillia, Ontario

 Hello Pastor Mike!

I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful teaching on Saturday at the 3D Prayer Conference. It was obvious that the Lord was speaking through you and I don't think anyone left without a fresh commitment to Jesus and to prayer. In my own life I have been really lacking in my prayer life over the last couple of months, and so this seminar was perfectly timed. I am so grateful to God for a wonderful day of learning about His plan for prayer and for re-committing my prayer life to Him; and I am so thankful to you for speaking His truth so clearly and boldly. Thank you once again.

Hannah Fraser

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Pastor Mike really well over the past three years. He has been to me a mentor and wonderful brother in Christ. As Pastor of Spiritual life at our church the Lord led Pastor Mike to initiate a ministry team called M30. This is a prayer ministry based upon David's mighty men of valor. This team is comprised of proven men and women of prayer who come alongside our pastors and uphold them in prayer. They are committed to pray in teams during the Sunday morning sermon as well as during the week as prayer requests are sent to them regarding our pastors. This is a vital ministry to our church and every church should have a ministry like this in some form. It is imperative that we stand in the gap for our pastors in prayer."

Kevin Winder
M30 Prayer Force Co-ordinator